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frequently asked questions

Q: What is Skydogs about? 

A: Skydogs is a story of four travelers fleeing North from conflict on their skyship, the Storm Petrel (learn more about the characters and their skyship here). 

Q: What is the game's genre? 

A: It's a hard mix of genres. We suppose the closest one is rogue-like games, but there are major differences with traditional rogue-like games - Skydogs has an unchangeable set of characters and no progress is carried over to your next playthrough, only your experience. It also has features typical for other genres: even though Skydogs is not an RPG, it is heavily story-driven; gameplay is built around hardcore survival elements but it's not a survival game at its core. 

Q: How long is the game going to be? 

A: A single playthrough will take about 3 to 5 hours, but like in any other rogue-like game, the idea is your first playthrough is more of a tutorial run. You won't be able to get the best ending. The core idea is replayability

Q: What is the game's setting? 

A: It's a fictional retofuturistic universe. The playable area is called Eastern Nölhmark, a country ravaged by a recent war and internal strife.


Q: Is it singleplayer or multiplayer? 

A: Singleplayer. It is entirely about your experience with the world. We don't have any multiplayer elements planned. 

Q: Is there a release date yet? 

A: There is no set release date just yet. We estimate that will probably be early 2021