the captain. the lady.

the kid. the hag.

Four travellers. Four refugees, constantly on the move. United by battle comradery or

blind chance, by bonds of the past or by immenent goals, together they cling to the last

sliver of hope they have in this world: their skyship, a tiny spec floating through

the skies of Nölhnmark.

And yet no matter how hard they try to outrun the fate, the ghosts of their pasts are always just around the corner, waiting for them.

the captain


Name: Radoslaw Włostowic

Age: 53

A once decorated war hero in his early years of service and a renowned pioneer of skyforces, captain Wlostowic is one of those battle-hardened men who's more at home in a fox hole than his own living room. The new war after decades of peace was like a breath of fresh air to him. He expected to die on the battlefield or rise even higher in ranks, but never meant to end up as a scarred fugitive haunted by the regrets.

the lady

Name: Agata Włostowic

Age: 46

Agata Włostowic, born Tarnowski, was always a willful woman. Insipred by the patriotic movement, she joined the Voluntary Aid Corps and quickly rose to the rank of chief nurse. She wasn't one to be afraid of suffering and hardships and endured them with grace of a true noblewoman, but this war would crush her just the same way it would crush everyone: relentlessly and with Olympian disdain for one's courage. 


the kid


Name: Jan Nowak

Age: 21

An orphan of war, Jan never knew his parents. Like many boys of his generation, Jan grew up dreaming his father was a true war hero, inventing the perfect image of him to follow his steps. 

Sadly, the war was nothing like he imagined it. Sense of valor and glory was soon overshadowed by the gruesome reality and everyday struggle. The taste of real war was the gut punch he never expected. 

the hag

Name: Gunhild Rönning

Age: 74

Gunhild's life is a sad story of a simple woman tossed and crushed between the waves of nations as emperors and generals are playing chess with human lives. All she ever longed for was the life of peace and being surrounded by loved ones, but the tides of war would take that from her over and over, leaving her to linger in this world, chipping her humanity away piece by piece. Now she's but a vengeful guardian of her land, hardened into stone by time and grief. 


the storm petrel

HSHA Petrel-class Skyfaring Reconaissance Ship, commonly known as Petrel, is a light and maneuverable skyship of experimental design, created to carry a small team,

move across large distances without refueling and be as self-sufficient as possible. This machine is the last bastion that stands between the four refugees and oblivion.